Teeth Whitening Products

Whiter Image premium teeth whitening products are created by a team of top dental experts and scientists and proudly Made in USA. Whiter Image™ combines professional grade ingredients with the latest patented technologies, providing your patients with the most effective and comfortable teeth whitening solutions.

Magnification Telescopes & Headlights

Now for the first time, Designs of Vision's Magnification and LED headlights are directly available to Georgian Dentists and Surgeons. Custom Manufactured to Your Unique Measurements including YOUR prescription, angle of declination and working distance, providing you with the best visual and ergonomic system available.

Exclusive Telescope Design with Precision Coated Optics for the best possible vision through the lens and easy peripheral vision around the telescope, allowing you to switch from magnified to unmagnified viewing of the field without needing a third hand to remove or manipulate the telescopes.

Designs for Vision is the trusted brand that surgeons rely on for quality, reliability, and durability. Our Surgical Telescopes provide the TRUE magnification expected for demanding procedures.